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Bright Lights Resources


This teaching resource is the legacy of a National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF) grant towards the illuminations collection in 2012. It formed part of the Blackpool Schools Cultural Programme. Numeracy coordinators from Blackpool schools were central to the planning and thinking around these new context-based resources. The project team consisted of a number of partners including Blackpool’s School Improvement Team, Cultural Services, Lightworks and twelve local schools.

The pack was designed to contribute to children’s understanding of the identity of their local community and town. In this case Blackpool’s Illuminations.

Using the resources

The Illuminations maths resources were designed to complement fluency, reasoning and problem solving

For each lesson a key Illuminations piece is at the core of learning, to inspire teachers and children alike. These pieces have been used to generate a story based context for teaching with rich creative tasks also suggested to support cross curricular learning, an approach designed to support the development of maths across the curriculum. Maths tasks are then provided directly linked to key year group objectives.

The tasks can be utilised in a manner felt to be most beneficial to the individual school or setting, either as part of ongoing maths work to support creative application of skills or as a themed day or week, thereby linking and promoting creative maths. The breadth of the materials ensures different topic areas within the subject can be accessed at various levels to support differentiation and extension of learning.

Conceptual understanding and context-based maths are both outcomes promoted in lessons. Ensuring deep learning linked to a local context ensures children feel ownership of lessons in a meaningful systematic manner.

Download the resource pack

Bright Lights PDF

Clicking on the link will download the Bright Lights Teaching Resources.