Borough of Blackpool Coat of Arms

Blackpool's orginal coat of arms, image courtesy of Barry Shaw

The features of the original Town Badge are; a pier, a lifeboat, a bathing-machine and a sailing ship. The crest is a seagull in flight.

These features could not be described in heraldic terms therefore the badge was rejected by the Royal College of Heraldry.

The adopted Coat of Arms pictured below was granted by the Royal College of Heraldry on 10th January 1899 and is the current Coat of Arms still used today.

Blackpool Football Club display the Coat of Arms on their football shirt and use it as their official club logo. I personally have a selection of various postcards depicting the Blackpool Coat of Arms, one of which can be seen on the right.

The eight wavy bars represent the seashore, the Black Bars being the sea and the Golden Bars the famous golden sands.

A sample of Blackpool’s Coat of Arms can be seen on the south elevation of the Customer First Centre when departing West Street Car Park and of course on the Mayor’s Chains of Office.

The Fleur-de-Lys and the Lion are distinguishing charges on the Coat of Arms of the Banks and Cocker families, who were pioneers in the resort’s early development.

The Thunderbolt alludes to the early use of electricity for street lighting.

The helmet and Mantling are decorative features for the Crest, which is composed of

Battlements of a Tower, Sails of a Windmill, (once abundant in the area) and a Red Rose, signifying the town is situated in the County of Palatine of Lancaster.

The motto ‘Progress’ indicates that Blackpool looks to the future.

Barry Shaw

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