at War

The Blackpool Gazette has reported and recorded life and events in Blackpool for well over 100 years. Heritage Blackpool works closely with the Gazette to archive the news they produce for future generations including microfilming newspapers. This collection of images of Blackpool during World War Two has been digitised from the Blackpool Gazette archive and reproduced here for your enjoyment. 

The Gazette regularly produce stories on Blackpool's past - visit their retro section to read more.

Gallery 1

Joe Renoldi with pupils of Freckleton School
Italian POWs near BPL, 27.8.43
Horse Plough, Highfield Rd East, 6.3.40
Home Guard question Spy, 23.2.42
Home Guard manoeuvres, 13.9.42
Home Guard JH Leigh & CJ Walters
Girls arriving at Thames Rd School with masks
Home Guard display on beach, 15.5.43
German POWs in transit at Fleetwood
Mayoress with train & evacuees
Fairhaven Lake Gun Battery Observation Post, 4.4.46
EWS tank at North Pier
EWS tank at Grammar School
EWS AFS and tank, Charnley Rd
Evacuees sleeping
Evacuees at BPL reception centre
Drake inspecting CD messengers, 29.3.41
Demobilisation at RAF Kirkham, 16.6.45
Crater at St. Annes, 4.10.40
Concrete blocks on Prom
Concrete blocks opp. Golden Mile
Claremont Schoolboys digging, 12.10.40
Civil Servants at Norbreck Hydro, 4.1.40
Civil Defence Pageant D, 29.3.41
Civil Servants arriving at North Station, 4.1.40
Civil Defence Pageant C, 29.3.41
Civil Defence Pageant B, 29.3.41
CD Mobile Canteen vehicles, 3.5.41
Children to go overseas, 29.6.40
Civil Defence Pageant A, 29.3.41
Canteen Vehicles by Burlingham, 23.11.40
Cadets etc on Market site, 31.5.42
Bren Gun Carriers on Prom
Bpol Girls Anchor League, 2.10.43
Bpl ex POWs at Transit Camp, 9.10.45
Boys with shrapnel from mine, 2.1.42
Bombing, Seed Street, 12.9.40
Bombing, Lindale Gardens
Blackpool Regiment at a YMCA, 18.6.41
Bombing, Cadets inspecting damage, 12.9.40
Blackpool Battery of RA, September 1939
Blackout markings Harrow Side
Belgian Refugees, 24.5.40
ARP & AFS exercise, Market site, 10.3.40
Army recruits on Victoria St with gasmasks
Bispham Co op Laundry & masks, 17.6.39
AA Gun site in North West, 27.4.42
Anti Gas Squad on Adelaide St, 1940
AA gun on Prom

Gallery 2

Stirrup Pumps at Pharos St. FWD, 11.2.41
Stakes on beach, 1.6.40
Shelter, Joan & Joyce Best, 30.8.40
Shelter, Waterloo Rd School
Shelter opp Central Drive Garage
Shelter of Co op, Charnley Rd, 21.9.39
Shelter for 100 people at Raikes Hill, 9.9.39
Shelter construction south of Central Pier, 1939
Shelter construction opp Tower, 1939
Shelter, Bpl ARP Association at Winter Gardens
Blackpool Open Air Baths
Sea Mine at Fleetwood
Sea & ATC cadets at Stanley Park, 15.6.44
Sandbagged South King St. Police Station, 9.9.39
Sandbagged Lytham Police Station, September 1939
Sandbagged entrance to Victoria Hospital, 6.9.39
Salvage of paper from Health Centre, 1.11.41
Sandbagged Bispham Library, 1940
Salvage of aluminium, Woodstock Gardens, 24.7.40
Salvage collection on Lynton Ave, 12.7.40
Returning RA man & wife at Talbot Square
Salute the Soldier with your savings, 10.6.44
RHO Hills ARP, 14.12.40
Railway Amazons, 27.2.41
Rationing Blackpool Food Office, 7.10.39
Rescue Squad vehicle, 10.10.40
RAF PT on beach, 5.11.40
RAF Poles on Prom, 30.5.40
RAF Parade Prom, 27.6.41
RAF parade on Prom
RAF parade on Prom
RAF Parade & Central Pier, 27.6.41
RAF Lord Derby inspecting, 27.6.41
RAF Dispersal Centre Blackpool, 19.6.45
RAF Exhibition at Library, 23.7.41
RAF Free French at Town Hall, 26.1.42
RAF Air Sea Rescue, Derby Baths, 28.9.43
Preparing Ration Books at Library, 20.10.39
Ploughing with tractor, Highfield Rd, 6.3.40
Outfit Shop Windows broken by mine, 2.1.42
Nursery Methodist Ch. Schoolrooms opened, 19.5.41
Newsboy selling Gazette, 1.9.39
ME109 in Church St, 30.10.40
Little Marton School digging, 1941
Land Army Talbot Square, 14.11.42

Gallery 3

Thanksgiving Week, Town Hall, 22.11.45
YMCA Canteen at Hippodrome, 8.3.41
Wreckage of Botha, 27.3.41
Wounded at Victoria Hospital, 21.6.44
Women War Work Week B, October 1941
Women War Work Week, October 1941
Wings for Victory, 6.4.43
VJ Flags on Prom
Welcome to HMS Penelope, 11.7.42
VJ Party Larbreck Ave, 17.8.45
VJ Day Crowd, Talbot Square, 15.8.45
VJ celebrations, Dale St, 11.8.45
VE Day US Band & Crowd, Talbot Square, 8.5.45
VE Street Party
VE Day Crowd, Talbot Square, 9.5.45
VE Day Crowd, Talbot Square, 8.5.45
VE Bunting, Vance Rd, 8.5.45
VE Bonfire, Penrose Ave, 9.5.45
US troops CD parade at Town Hall, 18.11.42
US take control of Warton Airfield, 17.7.43
US GIs in helmets, Talbot Square
Blackpool Tower, 7.6.46
United Nations parade, 15.6.42
Street Party, 1945
Thornton LDV after a service, 13.7.40
Thornton Clv WVS with gifts for Ilford, 3.3.45